What are PAYG Installments and related to withholding variation?

Pay as you go (PAYG) installments are a regular payments making system towards your expected annual income tax liability. It only applies to you if you earn business and investment income over a certain amount. If you pay PAYG installments, you still need to lodge an annual tax return. You will be notified if you […]

Minimum wage increased by 2.4 % to $672.70 a week or $17.70 an hour for Australians.

The Fair Work Commission has lifted the minimum wages for all Australians from $656.90 a week or $17.29 an hour to $672.70 a week or $17.70 an hour. It increases our Wallets by adding $15.80 more per week. Approximately 2 million people who are on the minimum wage will receive the increase from July 1.[…..]

Answers to Top 10 Questions on Federal Budget Modifications

Reliable Bookkeeping Services are going to dig deep into some of the common questions being asked since the 9th of May 2017, when the changes were announced in the Federal Budget. The dust has finally settled on the new legislation to the budget changes to depreciation that is going to apply on second-hand residential properties.[…..]

Payroll software Enhances Employees Efficiency with Confidence

Using payroll software, the productivity of individual employees can be enhanced, which contributes to the organizational objectives. Regular monitoring helps in a constant check before it is too late. Traditional companies detect minute discrepancies after a shocking organizational performance. Thrashing employees at difficult times result in attrition and further investment in the training of new[…..]