How to Make Your Payroll Bookkeeping Business Successful?

A reputable business is reliable source to handle outsourcing payroll and bookkeeping renders. The choice needs to be smart and done after making sure that the service provider is reliable as per the below mentioned points that you can’t ignore or compromise over. Experience– The very obvious and must choice to determine the company outsourcing […]

Digital Era has started to Shape Futuristic Strategies Focusing on Customer satisfaction

In this world where anything can go viral and kill a brand’s reputation in a matter of hours, businesses need to be updated and deliver innovative, with seamless experiences every time. Leading the way, e-commerce giants such as Amazon are also making the customer experience an integral part of their company culture. With this in[…..]

Changes to How Tax Authorities apply Penalty Relief

From 1st of July 2018, Australian Tax authorities will not be applying a penalty to tax returns and activity statements where our eligible clients have made an unintentional error by failing to take reasonable care or have not made a reasonably arguable position. If the Tax Authorities find inadvertent errors in our client’s tax return[…..]

Modifications of Taxation on New property purchases

Australians have changed the way of collecting goods and services tax (GST) on some property transactions during the settlement. Effective 1 July 2018, buyers who purchase new residential premises or potential residential land, has to withhold an amount from the purchase price and pay it as a tax on or before settlement. Some transitional rules[…..]