Various Types of Accounting: Management, Tax and Financial

All the three types of accounting are different and having different characteristics. There are some of the accounting software available having the feature to handle all the three types using multiple or hyper focused categories which are there to handle every transaction. Tax accountants in Melbourne, having one of these and all types of accounting. […]

Cost of Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

The cost of bookkeeping services for any nonprofit or small business may vary in different aspects. The company size, life cycle, the monthly transactions, number of employees and payroll are some of the aspects that may affect the cost. To calculate the cost one need to look to the number of expense accounts, invoices that[…..]

Updated New GST Withholding Regime for Sale of Residential Properties

Treasury Law Amendment Bill 2018 came into effect on July 1, 2018. The bill made some changes for purchasers and vendors of the residential properties. The changes took place, according to the purchase and sale of off the plan units, land and house packages. Thus, one should make sure about the GST implications at the[…..]

What Role A Tax Accountant Play For Your Company

Wanted To Be A Tax Accountant? Must Look At The Below Points There come changes in law often, so with the tax laws. These changes can be complicated to understand for the people who are not having the accounts background. So, we need tax accountants in Melbourne to make sure that the company and the[…..]