As a business owner, you have to multitask. From managing day-to-day operations, dealing with customers to making business strategies, and keeping everything running effectively. It might be tough for a business owner to find time to go through financial spreadsheets, manage cash flow and analyse the numbers. Professional bookkeepers for small businesses can help you in this regard by offering you bookkeeping services. If you hire a professional bookkeeper for your company, then they will use different bookkeeping hacks to let you focus on your business growth. Every business owner wants to grow their business and acquire new customers. However, short-term goals and long-term goals can be accomplished, only if you have a stable financial system.

Bookkeeping Tricks for Small Businesses to Save Money and Time

Before you spend time reviewing spreadsheets, here are 5 bookkeeping hacks that every professional bookkeeper uses for small businesses to save time and money:

  • Keep Detailed Financial Information on All Business Expenses and Income

One of the most important things bookkeepers of Melbourne do to make the bookkeeping process easy for business owners is by keeping detailed financial information of business income and expenses. It means a bookkeeper will record every single amount that you spent and earned when it happened. With the help of detailed records, business owners can have a clear picture of their business finances. Additionally, it will help you identify if there is any error.

  • Creation of Separate Business and Personal Accounts

Mixing your business and personal finances can create a big problem for your business. That’s why bookkeepers suggest creating separate business and personal accounts. In many cases, the creation of separate business and personal accounts is mandatory, depending on the structure of your business. There are various bookkeepers in Melbourne, who recommend this method to make it easy for you to go through the expenses and sales relevant to your business.

  • Review Financial Data Regularly

As a business owner, you might not have enough time to prepare and record financial transactions, but you must review financial data generated by a bookkeeper of your company. Having up-to-date financial data, you will be able to plan for major business expenses and understand tax returns. In addition to this, you will also be able to forecast cash flow and prepare profit and loss. You can seek help from your accountant to know more about the financial data of your business. If you haven’t hired an accountant for your company yet, then you can search for ‘accountants near me’ to hire an accountant near your location.

  • Maintain a Good Record Keeping

Good record-keeping is extremely important for every business’s success and an ATO’s requirements. Managing and filing a tax return can be a complex and tedious task for business owners who are weak in managing numbers. For this reason, they must take help from professional accountants and bookkeepers. Bookkeepers will make sure the business records are up-to-date and accurate to calculate and support data that is in your accounting records. If you have a bookkeeper, then you don’t need to worry about managing all these records because the Melbourne bookkeeper will check received invoices for purchases that include GST are valid or not.

  • Bank Account Reconciliation

One of the most important things every business owner must know is to reconcile bank account statements. With bank account reconciliation, business owners can keep track of their business funds and avoid fraudulent activities. Many times, business owners give this responsibility to professional bookkeepers because they are experts in matching bank statements against the financial records of the company to ensure that there are no discrepancies. Reconciliation can be done weekly or monthly basis, depending on the number of transactions done in the company.


Running a business and taking care of several aspects of the business is not an easy task. Ensure you are managing the whole process efficiently. However, it would be beneficial for you to seek help from a professional bookkeeper because experienced bookkeepers know how to manage business records efficiently while helping business owners to grow their businesses. Therefore, for bookkeeping solutions for your company, you can also contact a Reliable Bookkeeping Services provider.