Basic Bookkeeping Vs. Full Service Accounting

When one is having the thought about the bookkeeping and accounting, then it becomes hard to tell the difference between the both. Both processes are quite similar as they share some common goals, but actually support the business in different stages of the financial cycle. Bookkeeping is administrative and more transactional on the same time […]

Why CFOs Are Important For Betterment of Business’ Budgeting Process

Being the CFO of the large company, came with so many responsibilities, as have to get done with the company’s budgeting as well as financial analysis to the staff as well. Along with that CFOs also have the daily tasks which they need to complete too and get done the important functions as well. The[…..]

Understanding the Basics of the Australian Contract Law

Australian contract law encompasses the laws and regulations that are directed towards the enforcement of the certain promises. Creating a legal relationship between the two or more parties is known as a contract. English contract law, is the base of common law in Australia, but there are some of the amendments made to the principals[…..]

Cost of Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

The cost of bookkeeping services for any nonprofit or small business may vary in different aspects. The company size, life cycle, the monthly transactions, number of employees and payroll are some of the aspects that may affect the cost. To calculate the cost one need to look to the number of expense accounts, invoices that[…..]