There are various reasons for keeping business and personal finances separate. It has become necessary to separate business and personal accounts. Most often, small business owners mix business and personal finances, which could lead to increased errors in the records or can put personal income at risk. Bookkeepers in Melbourne often suggest businesses keep their business and personal accounts separate. The blog post will explore different reasons for separating business and personal bank accounts.

Benefits of Using Business and Personal Accounts Separately

Using your personal and business bank accounts separately is important for protecting yourself from legal liability, complying with tax laws, and maintaining a professional reputation. Additionally, it also makes accounting and bookkeeping straightforward and can increase your chances of getting financing for your business when needed. The following are some benefits of using personal and business finances separately:

  • Reduce Your Liability

To reduce your personal liability, it is suggested to separate your business and personal accounts. It simply means that you can avoid using your personal assets for business purposes even if your business experiences debts, legal issues, or other issues. Similarly, you can avoid using your business finances for personal purposes. As a result, your business assets will remain protected from personal expenses.

  • Access Tax Deductions

Using a separate and dedicated business account for all expenses is a smart choice for increasing tax deductions and ensuring proper financial management. By consolidating all business transactions into one account, you will be able to easily monitor expenses, claim tax deductions, and simplify your accounting processes. This approach saves time and is beneficial in preventing necessary deductions from being overlooked and keeping you aware of your personal expenses.

  • You can Save Your Savings

Using your personal savings for business expenses can risk your personal finances. Basically, businesses experience ups and downs, and using personal finances could affect your ability to save and invest. Setting up a separate business bank account is crucial for managing and budgeting several irregular expenses related to owning a business. It ensures you meet your business needs without using your personal finances.

  • Improve Your Business Cash Flow

Effectively managing your business cash flow can be considerably enhanced by using your business and personal finances separately. This separation will allow you to get a clearer overview of your business’s financial status, especially if personal funds are used for startup expenses.

  • Streamline Accounting and Bookkeeping Processes

By separating business and personal finances, business owners can simplify accounting and bookkeeping processes. It will become easy to monitor your business expenses, income and receipts as everything will be placed in one location, which will save you money and time when preparing financial statements and tax returns.

Tips for Separating Business and Personal Finances

When you separate your personal bank account and business bank account, you need to take care of a few things.

  • Register your business

It is important to register for your Australian Business Number (ABN). It identifies your business and facilitates invoicing, GST credit claims, ordering, and PAYG tax avoidance. Getting an ABN is an effective way to distinguish your business and personal finances.

  • Define personal vs. business expenses

Expense overlapping may occur between business and personal use for small business owners. Therefore, it is important to check how much cost is used for a business to label them to your business account accurately.

  • Manage shared expenses

When you make purchases that are used for both personal and business purposes, make sure to record the expense in both your business and personal accounts, and assign the expense as per the portion of use for each. Keep one thing in mind you can claim the amount used for your business.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you are on track to meet your business goals. If you are unsure or confused about setting up business and personal finances separately, you can seek help from a professional bookkeeper.


Now that you know the reasons for keeping business and personal expenses separate. You can get Reliable Bookkeeping Services to keep your finances organised to stay on top of your business finances.

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