Our Vision for Reconciliation by Chris Jordan AO

Our bank reconciliation experts said that Chris Jordan AO’s aim for reconciliation is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia to have access to:

  • Culturally Appropriate Support
  • Improved Economic Outcomes
  • Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Greater Social Wellbeing

To fulfill this goal, they have developed Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Their commitment and determination to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community services, including supporting their participation in the tax and superannuation systems, as mentioned in the RAP. They consider that they are a company that aims to model reconciliation throughout its operations and recognises the value it delivers to the Australian community.

Bookkeeper in Melbourne said that they also believe in hiring and maintaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, and they will support and promote the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander vendors in the procurement processes. They will feel more involved and included if they advocate for the economic and social well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Regarding Business Goal

The principal revenue collection agency of the Australian Government, the ATO administers:

  • Tax System
  • Australian Business Registry Services
  • Superannuation and Legislation Governing Tax
  • Important Aspects of the Superannuation System

Bookkeepers services provider experts said that the income they accumulate supports the Australian economy and delivers valuable resources and services to the national community. They also contribute to the social and economic well-being of Australians by nurturing participation in the superannuation and tax systems.

They work with many communities and government to better comprehend the necessities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals for ensuring their products and services are customised for the audience. They also offer an indigenous helpline for providing an avenue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to get in touch for further enquiries regarding superannuation and individual tax.

Bookkeeping for small business experts said that their goal is to customise the support items for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for making it as simple as taxpayers understand especially in these communities and meet their superannuation and tax obligations.

They occupy approximately 21000 people, including around 2.9% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander personnel from more than 20 sites all over the country. They are looking to enhance the representation of Torres Strait Islander workers towards 2024, by performing the action to strengthen the workforce policies, strategies, and work practices.

Bank reconciliation experts said that their main goal is to enhance the employment and retention pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals at the workplace through talent pipelines, and improve career development and employment opportunities.

Their goals for 2024 are to:

  • Build confidence and trust
  • Be integrated, streamlined, and data-driven

To achieve the goal, they have 8 different strategies which are mentioned below:

  1. They make community confidence by sustainably decreasing the tax gap, delivering assertion, and a superannuation system.
  2. The design for a better superannuation and tax system to create it easy to fulfill.
  3. Bookkeeper in Melbourne said that their customer interactions and experience are well designed, customised, transparent, and fair.
  4. They work with others to provide effective and efficient superannuation and tax systems.
  5. They have integrity-focused high-performing workers, the appropriate culture, tools, and capability to provide better staff and client experience.
  6. They use information, insights, and data to provide value to their customers and inform them of the decision-making processes around everything they do.
  7. Their digital services and technologies provide a contemporary and reliable customer experience.
  8. They aim for operational excellence for achieving efficiency and excellent results.

Bookkeepers services provider experts said that their top emphasis over the previous year has been satisfying their clients’ requirements and assisting them through difficult circumstances. They will keep working with the community and stakeholders to provide a modern and seamless tax and superannuation experience for their clients by making things easier, faster, and more accessible.

Since the release of their previous RAP in 2018, they have made significant progress in improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unity and inclusion within the ATO. They have also continued to collaborate across government and with the community to better understand the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, allowing them to customise their current range of products and services to their specific needs.

Final Say
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