Do you find yourself managing payroll difficult? Do terms like superannuation guarantee, tax file number, and PAYG withholding make you feel overwhelmed? Well, you can opt for accounting and bookkeeping services in Melbourne. Moreover, in this blog, we’ll help you with basic features of the payroll system that you should check. Let’s get started:

What is Payroll?

Payroll is the process that allows employers to pay their employees for their work. It involves the calculations of how much each worker is owed depending on their hours worked and issuing payments. If you have a large number of employees, then it might be difficult for you to manage the payroll process. However, you can reach out to a small business bookkeeper to manage your payroll on your behalf.

Various factors need to be considered when calculating payroll, including superannuation contributions and tax obligations. If you calculate payroll wrong, it can lead to serious consequences. That’s why business owners need to understand the basics of the payroll system.

Why Do You Need a Payroll System?

Payroll is an important part of any business, whether it’s large or small. It ensures that employees get paid on time and accurately and that all necessary taxes and deductions are withheld from their paycheques.
• Payroll systems will help you comply with tax laws. The ATO needs businesses to withhold some taxes from their workers’ paycheques.
• It can help businesses manage their business finances accurately. Accurate records of earnings and deductions of employees can help you track spending and budgeting for future expenses.
• It can save you time. Automated features can reduce the time spent on managing tasks related to employee pay. Bookkeepers for small businesses know how to use payroll software so you can focus on your business growth rather than handling payroll.

Things to Consider When Choosing Any Payroll System

The following are some features that you should look for when choosing a payroll system for your company:
• Direct Deposit
Direct deposit is one of the most common features that you should consider. Job-seekers and employees expect convenient and instant access to their paycheques. In addition to this, it also minimises the burden on you by removing the need to print and distribute paycheques.
• Expense Management
If your company includes reimbursable employee expenses, like lodging and travel, the payroll software with expense management features is a must. These solutions automate the payment processes and expense reports and save time. In addition to this, it also ensures that every record is accurate and easy to find. When you choose bookkeeping services for small businesses, then your bookkeepers can better suggest to you what payroll software you should choose.
• Payroll Reports
Running payroll reports is difficult. However, with payroll software, it can be done more conveniently. However, every company is unique, so ensure your payroll software can make customised reports. Customised reports can allow you to create personalised datasets around your company’s most critical metrics.
• Tax Filing
The best payroll software will offer you in-built tax tables that will be automatically updated when tax rates change and make the whole tax process easy for you. You can also seek help from accountants for small businesses. Make sure to choose payroll software that features automated tax filing.
• Integrated Payroll
Payroll integration enables you to automate the flow of data to and from your payroll platform and HR. In this way, you can leverage the power of the payroll software you need without any issues or poor user experience. Experienced small business bookkeepers in Melbourne know how to effectively use this feature.
• Data Security
Every employer knows the importance of the privacy of payroll data. Payroll data contains banking information and employee salary. You must look for the data security offered by the payroll system so you can be sure that your data is safe in the system.


The blog uncovers the features that you should check when choosing any type of payroll software for your company. You can also ask your bookkeeper which payroll system you should choose. Moreover, you can reach a Reliable Bookkeeping Services provider to choose the best payroll software.