When you think of an Accountant in Sunshine, whom do you picture? Most people envision a frazzled business professional working tirelessly to file their clients’ tax claims. Accountants & taxes time and again go hand-in-hand. However, you may be flabbergasted to learn that there are many different types of accountants out there who do not just work with taxes all day. Thus, if you like the idea of working with figures and numbers, but aren’t thrilled about the thought of filing of taxes, you are in luck! It turns out that you can still take advantage of the thrilling earning potential and ‘faster-than-average’ job growth. Keep reading to further familiarize yourself with some ‘lesser-known’ types of accountants. Who knows? Your future job title may be featured on this list.

Accountant Sunshine

Accountant Sunshine

Following are 4 types of Accountant in Sunshine you may not know about and who do much more than just filing taxes:

Accounting professionals can hit upon employment in all sorts of work settings. You could become an insider on the upper floors of a small corporation, experience the adrenaline rush of an upcoming or emerging entrepreneurial enterprise, get an order to the halls of government or kindle your passion at a mission-driven non-profit organization. If an organization works with funds, cash or money in any capacity, it needs an accountant on board. Here are a few examples of the different types of accountants available out there:-

1. Certified Public Accountant in Sunshine (CPA)

Certified Public Accountants are upper-level accountants who are recognised as experts in an organisation’s accounting records, taxes & financial standing. While some of the work which they do involve taxes, their involvement have a propensity to be more in-depth than just working with filing taxes. A CPA’s role is that of a trusted advisor, helping their clients plan and meets their financial goals, at the same time assisting in other fiscal and financial matters. This could encompass audits & reviews, forensic accounting, consulting and litigation services. In order to become a proper CPA, you must first get hold of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited accounting Institute and acquire certification by passing the ‘Uniform CPA Examination’.

2. Forensic Accountant in Sunshine

You may say that forensic accountants are actually the detectives of the accounting world. They analyse financial records to make sure they are compliant with standards & laws. On the other hand, forensic accountants are brought in to expose errors, omissions or outright con or fraud. A forensic accountant must have a unique skill-set, combining the mind of a numbers person having the curiosity of an investigator. They characteristically work in either litigation or investigation support. In some of the cases, a forensic Accountant in Sunshine can serve as an expert witness in court proceedings. In order to land this position, you will need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Once you have graduated, you will also likely be required to obtain some certification. Most forensic accountants acquire a Certified Public Accountants credential. You might even consider becoming a CFE or certified fraud examiner.

3. Auditor

Auditors are the ‘accuracy experts’ in a company. Many organizations, from non-profits to commercial businesses, are required to conduct an ‘annual audit’ to make sure that the records are precise. Auditors are characteristically brought in from outside of an association to analyse numbers without any pre-defined bias. An Accountant in Sunshine working in this field is tasked with examining financial statements, organizing and maintaining fiscal records, inspecting account books and accounting systems, and assessing financial operations to provide you with recommendations for improvement and enhancement. Some auditors specialise in a particular industry or area. To become an auditor, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Getting an accounting certification time and again improves your job prospects as well.

4. Management Accountant in Sunshine

When making significant strategic decisions, business leaders have to know the status of a company’s financial health and how it could be affected. It is the responsibility of management accountants to proffer this information so that proper and sound decisions can be made regarding an organisation’s future. Some of the common duties of a management accountant in Keilor are planning and budgeting, risk management, external financial reporting, profitability analysis and much more. In addition to the technical accounting skills, these accounting professionals must have the ability to organise information and present it in a manner that is simple for the business executives to comprehend and store. The first step towards becoming a management Accountant in Sunshine is to acquire an accounting bachelor’s degree. You will also need to pass an examination to become a CMA or certified management accountant.