You will get the latest information regarding the obligations and rights of small businesses regarding the scenario caused due to Coronavirus pandemic. The small businesses are struggling nowadays to manage their delays, cancellations, and suspension of services and products. In the first step, we assist businesses to make contact with their customers, to give them advice on how to handle the distinct circumstances. The Australian states that the Business must be mindful of their obligations that involve:

  • Do not mislead the customers; the customers are entitled to the terms and conditions.
  • When dealing with customers, do not act unconscionably
  • Not to rely on unfair terms with customers in standard form contracts.

You could have certain questions regarding your business like:


Which businesses are restricted from trading?

With the goal to protect the spread of COVID-19 in communities, the Australian Government has imposed restrictions on banning and limiting some businesses’ operations. The venues like playgrounds, skate parks, gyms, cinemas, casinos, spas, barbershops, etc.

What kind of financial support is available from the government?

NSW Government has a wide variety of small business funding options that includes grants, payroll tax deferment, and tax-free threshold increases from $900000 to $ 1 million from July 1st, 2020.

If a business is facing cash flow and lost trade problems, how can one get assistance with bills?

If the business owner is facing certain concerns like cash flow, payment of fixed costs like wages, rent, loan repayments, and utilities, the most crucial step that can be taken is to talk regarding the temporary payment terms with creditors, suppliers, and lenders.

What can be done if a person is struggling with rent payment?

If your company is facing a slowdown in trading, then the cashflow and clearing the usual payments like rent could be a concern. If you are falling behind in your rent, assure that you talk to your landlord about the situation before it goes out of control. In some of the cases, the landlord could be willing to offer a reduction in rent.

How I can prepare my business if I fall sick?

It is very crucial to have a business continuity plan (BCP) ahead of the time to make sure that your business can remain operational. You can make use of this plan with the help of technology. Some of the practical ways to prepare for shutdown:

  • Usage of cloud-based storage for business records.
  • Prepare a list of contacts and notes that will be easily available by other people who will take over in your absence
  • Deploy the staffing plans to assure that employees are trained so that they will have the skills and specific knowledge to look after necessary activities.

What are my employer obligations?

In order to help the businesses to retain their employees, the Commonwealth Government have declared the wage subsidy known as ‘JobKeeper Payment’. This allows a business to claim payment of $1500 each eligible employee from March 30th, 2020 for a time period of six months. Being an employer, you have many obligations to look after your employees under Work, Health, and Safety Legislation (WHS). You must identify the risks associated with the workplace.

What if a business needs any advice?

If your business needs any advice or support on topics such as cash flow, delivering online services, marketing of business during a pandemic, or even having financial support for your business, there is a free mobile advisory. By video conferencing, you can meet trusted local business advisors.

If a business does not have an employee, is there any State or National stimulus package?

The Australian Government and WA Government has declared a stimulus package for businesses that have a number of measures for the assistance of small to medium businesses with employees. These are not applicable to businesses without employees. However, there are certain stimulus packages for which you could be eligible:

  • Enhanced instant asset write-off measures
  • Freezes to enhance household fees and charges in WA
  • Accelerated depreciation deduction arrangements

How can I protect my customers, employees, and myself?

The world health and safety laws need a person conducting business to assure the health and safety of their workers by:

  • Cleaning hands frequently
  • Avoiding close contact with others
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5 meters
  • Avoid touching face mouth, eyes, and nose
  • Reduce non-essential travels