Organizational budgets for the current year are prepared by evaluating their actual performance over the past year. A process of making a budget is highly regimented and follows a schedule so that the New Year’s budget is ready for use by the beginning of the next fiscal year. You should review the assumptions of the organizational environment that was the base of the last budget, and update for the betterment for the common objective is necessary.

The following are some of the steps to keep in mind while preparing a budget.

    • Determining the optimum level of performance within the organization is necessary for enhancing the business.
    • Determining the number of funds available during the budget period as it may limit growth plans.
    • Determining whether costs that are being incurred for the business activity in the upcoming budget period and setting the amount of these costs.
    • Issue the budget personally, wherever possible, and provide answers to questions or feedback from recipients.
    • Get revenue forecasts from all the sales managers, authenticate it with the CEO, and then distribute it to the other department managers.
    • Get the inter-departmental budgets and compare them to the bottlenecks, funding, and other cost constraints. Try to modify the budgets as necessary.
    • Get the capital budget from various product managers. Validate the capital budget requests with the help of any Professional Bookkeeper of Richmond and forward them to senior management for comments and recommendations.
    • Revise the budget model if necessary. Input in detail all the budget information into the master budget.
    • Meet with the top management team for reviewing the budget. Highlight the possible constraint issues with them, and any other limitations caused by the funding problems. Note all explanations made by the management team, and forward this information to the budgeting formulators, with requests to modify their budgets
    • Tracking the outstanding budget requests, and update them in the budget model with new formulations.
    • Issue the budget. Generate a bound version of the budget for distributing it to all authorized recipients.
    • Launch the budget information in the financial software, so that actual reports can be generated versus budget.

    Some steps stated above may be excessive for smaller organizations, where just one person is involved in the decision-making process. In that case, the steps can be compressed, to the point where an opening budget can be prepared within a day or two.

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