Australia’s tax and superannuation are the community assets which are there to support the people of Australia. Everyone has the role of care and maintenance. The Australian Taxation Office always works for the wellbeing of Australians, both economic and social when they took part is tax and superannuation systems.

The taxpayers’ charter or covenant is what they make you sure about your rights. This explains what you can seek from the administrative department of tax and superannuation. The charter is there for everyone who is involved in tax, excise, superannuation and other administers the law. This would make you sure that you would be aware about obligations and rights. It also tells what you can do if you don’t feel satisfied.

Your Rights And Be Cautious About That

Getting Fair And Reasonable Treatment- Every taxpayer has the right that he would be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration. The decisions are made would be fair and equitable as per the law. Entire problems, concerns or complaints would be resolved quickly and fairly as possible.

Right to Act Against Dishonest Act- The information given by the taxpayers is believed to be accurate and complete and even the tax liability would be assessed according to the information. Sometimes, mistakes can be made. If you got under the case, then you would get chance to explain whether that is mistake or you have made that done deliberately, the explanations are recorded to the account. In case, something unacceptable is there, then the all rights are with ATO to take action against the taxpayer.

Taxpayer Can Seek Professional Services or Assistance- A Taxpayer having the professional working relationship with the ATO and as per that you have all the rights to understand everything and clears the doubt if have any. You can use the personalized services or can put in contact with someone who is experienced and make you assist in the complex query.

Your Privacy Would be Respected- The tax administration and superannuation committee, collects the information from the taxpayer. This information can either be collected from you or from your representative which are the third parties, banksor other agencies. Your privacy and personal information are respected as we don’t share your information with anyone else and keep it confidential. In some of the cases, you are allowed to share information with others and that may be for data matching or for other matching programs that comply with government data matching guidelines. If you feel your privacy is not respected then you can talk to the tax officer or make complaint using phone or email.

Privacy Commissioner- When your information is misused, then you have filed thecomplaint and in case, you feel that complaint is not handled properly, or the way you wanted, then you can contact the Privacy commissioner who can assist you in that way. You can also log on to the website or make a phone regarding the issue and your problem would definitely will be resolved.