While the second generation software has been practical and useful in the past, XERO Bookkeeping in North Melbourne has required a relatively more complex level of ‘understanding of accounting’ and therefore has generally been targeted at the accountants as opposed to the business operators without a background in accounting or the time to concentrate on administrative tasks.

So, given the recent developments with the internet or web, you will understand that our preference has altered to online web-based applications as we see this is exactly where the future is leading us to. This makes sense as it is cheaper for the supplier companies and allows a better number of web-based users ‘access’ to the same data file, unlike the PC based applications.

XERO Bookkeeping in North Melbourne is a third generation (web based) software which allows you to download business transactions faster than the second generation software packages. It was first originated in New Zealand and has now engulfed the markets in Australia and the United Kingdom. With the course of time, it is gradually spreading and has proved to be extremely useful and efficient.

The key advantages and benefits of using third generation software such as XERO Bookkeeping in North Melbourne are as follows:

• It is Web-based as opposed to PC based. That means you are the business owner and client has the liberty to control your records (not exclusively your bookkeeper or accountant).

• If you have a number of users (staff) accessing the accounting records they can do so from their own computers from anywhere, at any given time, on the internet without the need for ‘multiple copies’.

• XERO Bookkeeping in North Melbourne has a good number of graphical representations which various PC based accounting software programs do not.

• Your accountant can update and assist you with the same data file should you have any queries.

• Bank Feeds are automatically imported into Xero bookkeeping from the Website of your bank and the details memorized (thus, saving you time).

• There aren’t multiple upgrades that you have to subscribe to every year as you do with the PC based programs.

• Many of the PC based accounting packages do not have security limits protecting the uprightness of your business financial information that in our experience has resulted in many hours correcting common errors in basics like bank reconciliations or classification of expenses in the business. XERO Bookkeeping in North Melbourne has this capacity and thus saves the business owner many dollars wasted on accountants’ fees which you would else have paid had you hired an accountant using the PC based software.

• Bank Reconciliations & customer invoicing is a breeze.

The last benefit is of particular advantage to the clients in that it has been our experience that one of the reasons why the accounting fees can rocket is due to the sole fact that the bank hasn’t been accurately reconciled. Some of the clients have even reported that they’ve had an increased cash flow via more frequent invoicing.

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