The average fee in Australia is $60 per hour for Bookkeeping, $72 for BAS Services, and $80 for high-end services.

Getting to know how much cash is available in the company’s account, and how much money is there for the tax payments to be done or money for the other spending in the company is the most important thing to matter for any of the company. This is, in fact, an important factor that can leave an impact on the business decisions to be taken over the course of the year.

What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

This is the task of a bookkeeper is to keep the record of each and every spending of the business and so that they make sure sales invoices are correctly matched to the payments, bank feed is clear and the further spending can be made like payroll and VAT. Many people believe that the bookkeeper is the same as an accountant, but, actually, there is a difference between both and to understand better one should look to the below points:

How to Choose Bookkeeper

Being hired the professional, you can go to the local business owners as they would provide you with better references. You can also check for bookkeeper hourly rates in Melbourne in the bureau so would get a reliable one to work for you. You can get feedback from the one who has already make done the task and hence makes the final decision of choosing the professional to do the task for you.

Why Choose Bookkeeper on an Hourly Basis

The bookkeeper is actually a less cost-effective idea when the task is to handle complex accounting needs. The bookkeeper’s hourly rate is decided as per the location and the services they need to provide to their clients. The task is to hire experienced professionals to make your task and that can be done through emails, phone calls, or faxes depending upon the requirement.

How Much Does The Bookkeeper Charge Hourly

The factors that are responsible for deciding the hourly charges for bookkeepers are

Pay By Geographical Location

The average national rate for a bookkeeper is around $62.01on a per-project basis, but these rates vary from one state to the next. The cost of hiring a bookkeeper is unavoidable. The Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, and Tasmania have the lowest average bookkeeping rates at $33/hr. On the other hand, South Australia and West Australia’s bookkeepers are charging $35/hr. which is the maximum of all the states. Consequently, Queensland stands at the second-highest place in bookkeeping which is $34/hr. Furthermore, the average price in New South Wales is $35/hr. meanwhile, the average bookkeeper rates in Melbourne, Victoria is around $27/hr.

Pay By Experience

An apprentice Bookkeeper with less than 1-year experience can anticipate earning an average including total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of AU$22.99. A Bookkeeper with 1-4 years of experience expects an average total compensation of AU$25.67. An efficient Bookkeeper with 5-9 years of experience can achieve an average total compensation of AU$30.19. A proficient Bookkeeper with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of AU$30.93. In their late career, a sophisticated expert Bookkeeper with 20 or more years of experience earn an average total compensation of AU$31.
To encapsulate, the bookkeeper needs to analyze the needs before they quote their client

Hiring a bookkeeper on an hourly basis is a wonderful idea in many ways, but, the thought is how they hour for their work? So, the hourly rate of the bookkeeping is usually charged between $22- $45 which depends on the work that has to be done by the bookkeeper along with how much bookkeeper is experienced along with the location and complexity of work. Usually, a well-experienced bookkeeper is available at the $30-$40 per hour, but, the minimum monthly charge of $100-$150 for small businesses would be paid for the work done on an hourly basis.

What Does An Hourly Bases Bookkeeper?

For the success of a business, one needs to require conversant and proper bookkeeping as this was required at the time of tax payment or even to get know where the company growth is staying. An employer can able to do the task or may be done by the staff as well. Today, much software is available that can make the work done with ease, but, might require technical knowledge, so, you can hire a bookkeeper to do that task for you.

Benefits Of Hiring Hourly Bases Accountant


Hiring an Accountant in Melbourne to handle the work might be stressful to the pocket, in that case, you can go for the bookkeeper available on an hourly basis. They help in maintaining the daily entries and accounts overview along with offering financial advice as well as recommendations. The hourly wage rate of the bookkeeper is for what he actually does. So, you needn’t pay extra for the hours he was on leave or not worked.

Being Familiar With Bookkeeping Basics

The bookkeeper does the tax formalities and creates the standard financial reports. He can collect the information from the company to make done tax preparation and financial analysis of the company audit. A professionally work done make you sure that thing will go smoothly, which is a must in accounting.

Salary Fluctuations

When the bookkeeper is available on an hourly basis, then possibly that would work on the little high wage at someplace or lesser at another. So, for both employer and employee having the benefits that there is no bound and can change the one if found suitable.

Lessons And Corrects The Potentially Costly Errors

The bookkeeper does the data entry corrections and makes done the lost transactions in the business expenses if any and at the same time, prove helpful in many ways. When you hire a bookkeeper on an hourly basis, then he makes sure the entire entries would be there on the regular basis, which means less possibility of having an error and you would be safe from paying penalties which are there when you have left with any missing entries.

You May Have Effective Invoice

When the entire entries would be done on time and your books are complete, then the invoices would be done effectively and corrective as well. This also helps you get paid earlier as well. Either the work is done manually or bookkeeper using the software, your time would be safe which you have done on the invoices and payments would be done on time. Ultimately, this would prove to be the peace of mind.

How To Consider You Are Paying Apt Amount To The Bookkeeper?

Usually, clients having the wrong thought that keeping account records for bookkeeping can’t be taking any longer to get a real set of financials. Any business can make 200-400 transactions every month on an average. Each entry can be done in about 2-3 minutes and when the entire calculation is done, and then you would get what exactly you have to pay for the work done to the hourly bookkeeper. Making calculations done aptly is a tedious task. So, make sure you have done the calculations of the time and money properly. Bookkeepers also charge in two ways, mainly. Either, they look a fixed amount as a fee for the services which require high skills and efforts. Secondly, if the time duration of the task is not fixed, then the charges accepted on an hourly basis. You can make your choice accordingly after making a decision.

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