The foundation for a company to grow is a solid accounting and bookkeeping that relates to using the appropriate tool for perfect financial housekeeping whose usage should not be delayed till tomorrow because in the future the scenarios are going to be more complicated. Being an integral part of an organization, accounting can lead to lucre or losses to the company. The best solutions for organizing, managing and communicating exist in online small-business software.


The following are a few of the best software tools for small businesses.


  • Human Resources: By relying on spreadsheets to serve as HRIS(human resources information system) can lead to a haphazard and confusing scenario. One can lose precious information about workers by relying on spreadsheets. It is a smart decision to opt for online HRIs like BambooHR or SumHR, as it creates a clear and reliable employee database. Moreover, these are Accounting-friendly expense management tools having high-level data security.
  • AppointmentsBooking: Booker is one of the preferred choices for appointment-based small businesses. These kinds of Software solutions allow us to book, sell, and manage more efficiently without having to read someone’s irrelevant handwriting.
  •  Project Management: In order to handle tasks for a group of people in a small business, Trello is most liked as it is a simple and organized tool. Software programs for project management can cost hundreds of dollars, but Trello is online and free.
  • Document Legalization Generation: LegalZoom is very reliable to find and use legal documents easily. Hence, you can get the help of a lawyer. Moreover, registering a trademark, creating a will, or even maintaining compliance as a corporation.
  • Feedback Generation: One can avail the features of building free surveys and conducting customer research by using online software SurveyMonkey.
  • Email Marketing: The free trial software Mailchimp and iContact are both very popular email marketing small-business software solutions.
  • Social Media Management: The most popular free online tool, liked by both pros and small businesses for watching social media signals is Hootsuite.
  • Communication: If your business relies on traveling of teams frequently, it is useless to invest thousands or hundreds of dollars on telecommunications business software. Free video calls can be made on Google Hangouts or Skype Google Hangouts or Skype. Yammer is another tool for providing a private social network for international or larger business that requires constant teamwork across distances
  • Accounting: According to the general consensus QuickBooks is the best software but still, it depends on the needs of a business. The accounting team which is outsourced at IgniteSpot can describe the relevant online tool. IgniteSpot also provides software for Small Business by which one can have an interface with bookkeepers or accountants.
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