Superannuation Change

In this new financial year budget, the government has announced to increase superannuation guarantee rate from 9.25 to 9.50% and the rate will remain the same till 30th June 2018. The rate will gradually increase by 0.5% till it reaches 12%.

Push To Impose GST on Online Purchases < $1,000

Australian shoppers who like to buy goods and services from overseas are facing a renewed push to pay GST . The Australian retailers have constantly complained about the loophole saying it puts them at a disadvantages with the overseas competitors and federal government is reopening the debate that it is costing Australian jobs. Currently following[…..]

Basics of Selling or closing a business

Steps that you should know before selling or closing a business : Lodgement and payment – Business should lodge all lodgements and pay all the requirement obligations owed to the business account. Some of the lodgements may include Business Activity Statements Outstanding Instalment notices Fridge Benefits tax return Final income tax return PAYG Withholding registration – All the[…..]

Great vision without great people is irrelevant!

I am pleased to announce that Ivan David will be joining Reliable Bookkeeping Services as an Qualified Accountant.  You can reach Him:  Mr Ivan David 0420 385 005 Master of Business Administration/Master of Professional